At SFI Global we offer the following services for each business unit:


  • Conceptual Story Boards

  • Design Drawings

  • Component and Fabrication Boards

  • 3D Visuals VR Imagery and viewing platforms


  • Full 3D Engineering Modelling

  • Manufacturing & Renders

  • Engineered Manufacturing Drawings

  • Assembly Instructions

  • Metal Manufacturing & Testing expertise

  • Joinery Manufacturing expertise

  • Acrylic Manufacturing expertise

  • Plastic injection moulding expertise


  • Offshore Printing

  • Offshore Prototyping & Manufacturing

  • Load rating and Stress testing

  • Building & Construction

  • Floor Plans

  • Building Plans

  • Project Management

  • Certification

  • Turnkey Solution

  • Installation

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A cross-section of Market Experiences

Our innovations display solutions have delivered strong double digit sales growth improved stock turns while realising real capital expenditure savings across a range of industries.

  • Automative

  • Pharmacy & Drug Stores

  • Plumbing

  • Food, Grocery & Convenience

  • Electronics

  • Hardware

Create Differentiation

In today’s society landscape, is more relevant than ever to stand out in a crowd. Through experience and evolution, we have learned that optimum sales conversion is a direct result of a carefully curated bricks-and-mortar store experience. Our research shows us that consumers still desire physical interaction with a product - and that’s where we shine. We develop exciting shopping environments and brand experiences and brand experiences which focus on improved metrics.

Reduce Capital Expenditure

At SFI Global we pride ourselves on being a supply chain partner that can deliver significant capital expenditure savings. We have thorough understanding of today’s margin pressures, so our focus on the store efficiency and merchandising is more relevant than ever.

Improve Metrics

70% to 80% of buying decisions are made in-store. Optimising categories, improving product presentation and maximising customer interaction have a direct effect on sales. Our end-to-end process allows for pilot programs, enabling retailers to fine-tune their fit-outs - delivering optimum customer experiences prior to large investment being made.