SFI Global partnered with the team at IGA Barkley St in 2019 to supply the entire store shelving, fresh produce, bakery, liquor and juice display fixtures. In addition to these, SFI also completed all the joinery work in the express exits, horseshoe checkouts, liquor glass cabinets and lotto area.

In keeping with the changing needs of today’s supermarket the SFI team have built the new deli work area, café bar, floral display and hot food areas. Transforming a tired old store into a show piece where customers are more than happy to dwell.


SFI Global delivered Repco's next generation store in November 2018. The research undertaken by SFI’s Retail Design and Equipment team delivered an improved shopping experience that was able to focus on a clear value propositions for the customer.

With the improved customer engagement experience cemented the design evolved to incorporate enhanced promotional and merchandising ideas by optimising traffic flow throughout the store.

The design was developed in both 2D and 3D from the ground up. With the design being modeled in VR all stakeholders were able to walk through the store prior to making the larger investment of equipment prototyping and manufacturing. This technology resulted in immediate changes and implementation timeline savings of some 8-10 weeks.

With the metrics in and success achieved roll out across the network has now commenced.