Total Turn Key Solution

At SFI Global our business model will support your business growth and needs with a total turn key solution. We work closely with our clients and partners to design, manufacture, build and install their complete retail store or branded display vision.

Our ‘One Stop Shop’ approach will enable you to work with one builder, merchandising display fixture company and installation team. Our process will allow you to walk from our front door, directly into your new store once the project is completed.

As our research has discovered, every fundamental assumption organisations have about the customer is now being challenged. Therefore it is vital that you have the right design & display partner to take your business forward.

It is via our Total Turn Key solution, such as store design, construction, manufacturing, lighting, signage and installation where we have been able to deliver cost effective solution to our partners.



Our design process under our Total Turn Key Solution will deliver on the planning, drafting, design and building requirements for your retail store, as well as incorporating our fixture and display design process.

This process only commences after extensive consultation with the client. Once the building plans have been finalised the fixture design process can begin.

Stage 2 of the turn key solution is meeting the merchandising, fixture and lighting requirements of the business via our custom design and or off the shelf systems. This design process is built around key metrics which are important to the business and the functionality of the clients needs.

Once the brief has been fullfilled conceptual design documentation is provided to the client, including engineering drawings, graphics and signage portfolios.



Prior to the commencement of any manufacturing, prototype construction incorporating engineering drawings will take place. Once Prototypes are approved by the client, bulk manufacturing of the order can begin.

Our production team oversees all manufacturing processes ensuring all agreed quality standards are met and in line with approved timelines.






Construction, Installation & Project Management

Our construction, installation and project management is controlled by our building division, SAMICO.

With more than 30 years practical experience, SAMICO has been providing retail and brand destinations of all sizes. Our quality, innovative construction processes and fit-out solutions have been delivered on time and within budget.

All projects completed by SAMICO are executed via our qualified building practitioners and meet our guarantee of quality and design.

The company completes between 50-80 projects each year across Australia and is registered in all States and Territories.




In todays environment of certification, OH&S and structural compliance it is important that a business can trust its supply partners to meet the current regulations.

At SFI Global, from the very beginning, we incorporate all necessary standards into the design to enable it to meet any statutory requirements.

As well as meeting any statutory regulations when designing or building a project, we ensure that the design and performance of all fixtures and display units are built to meet the intended end use.

We achieve this by having our accredited engineers calculate load ratings and confirm certification of any installtions. This entire process is provided by SFI Global to allow you, the client, to focus on what is important to you……..your core business.


Planogram and Space Allocation Systems

At SFI Global we utilise a Space & Category Management system which works hand in hand with our retail and brand partners.

We work with our clients on providing accurate store layout creation, management & optimisation that is supported by key metrics.

Our team assist with fixture and planogram maintenance while ensuring accurate and efficient fixture take off’s are achieved.

By offering this process productivity gains are achieved by both client and SFI Global alike.