Our Expertise

Bring Your Brand to Life

Conversion of shoppers into purchasers is not confined to just mobile technology or informative staff. The overall instore experience is key.

Our aim is to provide innovative display and fixture solutions that boost your brand image, deliver improved metrics and increase the visibility of merchandise within the retail environment. We do this through our;


We have an experienced team of industrial designers, mechanical engineers and retailer senior management that together can create the creative solution for your company.

You are the expert in your field, we are the expert in innovative display and merchandising solutions.


Creating Differentiation

Engaging retail displays create an environment that make a difference. Our experience from working with leading brands and retailers have taught us that a curated and engaging brick-and-mortar store experience, that creates maximum sales conversion, is key to being successful in today’s competitive landscape.

The physical store is still operating from a position of strength, even as foot traffic slows. Our research shows us that consumers still desire a physical interaction with a product. Understanding this and that one size (solution) does not fit all allows our teams to deliver improved metrics and exciting environments for the shopper and your business.

Reducing Capital expenditure

With labour productivity falling and minimum wages increasing steadily, many retailers and brands are experiencing margin pressure, putting greater focus on improving store efficiency and merchandising.

In this price competitive market place, better sourcing and price efficiency gains should be sort through asset management. At SFI Global we pride ourselves on being a supply chain partner that can deliver capital expenditure savings and improved metrics.


Improved Metrics

70-80% of the buying decisions are made in the store.

Optimising categories, improving product presentation and maximising customer interaction have a direct effect on sales.

At SFI our global supply chain, speed to market processes and innovative display solutions will help your brand improve margin & business performance sooner rather than later. Our merchandising displays have added real sales growth while achieving productivity gains.

At SFI Global our process allows for pilot programs that enable you to fine tune your fit out, delivering the best experience for the customer before committing to an expensive capital expenditure roll out program.