Off The Shelf Solutions

At SFI Global we understand that business growth and repositioning sometimes requires fixture and display solutions that do not impact heavily on the bottom line. Our Off the Shelf solutions are ready-made, available for immediate installation and can fulfil your retail needs all within your budget guidelines.

Our Off-the-Shelf solutions are market tested, versatile and flexible ensuring they fit in with your retail environment. They deliver a positive impact on sales while delivering on an improved customer engagement.

Most businesses are content to run the same off the shelf systems year after year. At SFI Global we continually research and improve our systems with our team of dedicated industrial designers and mechanical engineers.

The SFI Global Off the Shelf display solutions are suitable for a variety of industries, retailers and brands. If you are looking for a low cost merchandising display platform, the team at SFI Global are ready to assist with your needs.




Multi Rack

Our Multi Rack System has been manufactured specifically to meet the demanding requirements of  any retail environment.

Enormous flexibility in one merchandising solution is our approach. Our system has been designed to incorporate hole panel, plain panel, slatwall, mesh, metal shelves, glass shelves and a variety of point of sale solutions.

Our 25 pitch system allows for greater number of shelving options ensuring return per square meter is maximised while a multitude of planogram options can be put in place.

The Multi Rack system is available in two colours, Black and White but can be powder coated within a few days to meet almost any colour requirement.

SFI Global’s  Multi Rack System has been designed to work in with other SFI merchandising solutions, such as Health & Beauty displays, Pharmacy Dispensaries or our wire systems.

A very flexible and low cost solution for the ever changing environment of retail.



DISPENZ – Pharmacy Dispensary

Our Dispensary Draw System has been manufactured specifically to meet the demanding requirements of a working pharmacy.

The Dispenz design incorporates gravity fed drawers that improve stock accessibility, work flow processes and the ease of access to a variety of medication.

The Dispenz one lift opening system will ensure ease of access while quick restocking of all categories can be realised.

The Dispenz Dispensary Systems will work in with existing frame systems supplied by SFI Global.

By incorporating the design into existing framework the Dispenz system will be able to deliver a dispensary stock sorting solution at a cost far below expectations.



Promotional Merchandisers

Our Promotional Merchandisers are readily available to assist with the bulk movement of stock or promotional marketing events.

We offer a variety of dump bins, point of sale signage and Truss Merchandising systems that create a destination point.



Hooks & Accessories

Effective and compact merchandising does not have to be too complicated. A simple hook solution accomodating price tags and data strips can help drive customer engagement for any brand or retailer.

Our range of hooks offer an easy merchandising solutions for Hole Panel, Mesh, Wire or Punch Panel.

While our many and merchandising accessories associated with point of sale, including shelf data strip are readily available.



Lighting & Multimedia

What better way to create a destination, improve customer engagement or drive the benefits of product categories than using Led Lighting Systems or Multi Media tools.

We offer a variety of Led lighting solutions including under shelf lighting and ceiling options that will brighten your store and product merchandising displays.

While our multi media customer engagement options will assist customers in being more informed and drive them towards your brand when making that all important purchase selection.